Care Instructions for Fabric

4th Mar 2022

Use liquid washing detergent (neutral or mild detergents)

Hand wash – at a water temperature between 30°C (86 F) and a maximum of 40°C (104 F). First dissolve a liquid detergent in plenty of water, soak the garment (turned inside out), and wash gently. Do not rub, pull, and wring out fiercely , gentle pressing only.

Washing machine – water temperature at 30 C – 40 C or 86 F – 104 F, delicate/ gentle cycle, spins with maximum rpm 400 – 600. This washing cycle ensures a much-reduced mechanical treatment.

Use mesh laundry bags for washing in washing machine

Do not use bleach, including non-chlorine bleach

Do not use fabric softener

Do not tumble dry

Dry flat or hang to dry

Iron at moderate temperature with steam added