Why you should not drop or toss scissors?

27th Mar 2022

When you buy dress making shears it is important to follow two simple rules:1) Use your scissors only for cutting fabric (not paper or anything else)2) Don’t drop or toss your scissors when putti … read more

Care Instructions for Fabric

4th Mar 2022

Use liquid washing detergent (neutral or mild detergents) Hand wash – at a water temperature between 30°C (86 F) and a maximum of 40°C (104 F). First dissolve a liquid detergent in plenty of … read more

How to sew with knit fabric - Basic Rules

4th Mar 2022

Knit fabrics are perfect to deal with, especially, for beginners: they are easy to sew, cause next to no fitting problems and even allow some sewing mistakes, if you follow simple rules:Use a str … read more

Sewing Machine Needles

25th Jan 2022

Types of NeedlesH (Universal) – General purpose needles, with slightly rounded tip, ideal for most woven fabrics, linen, nylon, polyester, tulle, velour, wool, organza, fleece, synthetic leather, … read more

​Types of Knit Fabric Stretch

6th Oct 2021

Mechanical stretchMechanical stretch comes from actual structure of the knit. Knits fabrics are created by interlocking loos of thread. When the fabric is pulled, the space in the middle of each loo … read more